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YES! Email me the 10 simple question to find out if my child has a speech delay:

YES! Email me the 10 simple question to find out if my child has a speech delay:

“Our son has been developing communication abilities steadily and he has a great time in his sessions with Erika.”


2 year and 7months’ old son

Bilingual (Portuguese-English)

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Our company follows the DIR®/Floortime™ model. This approach consists of addressing the child’s levels of development, taking into account his/her individual differences, and capitalizing on the role relationships play in supporting growth and learning.

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How can I tell whether my child is just a late-bloomer, or if they have a serious delay?

Many life-long academic and social challenges can be avoided if children receive early treatment

We Can Help You Catch Delays Early On


Screening / Evaluation

We can detect social communication delays and early signs of Autism as early as 18 months of age.


Parent Coaching

We work with you to implement strategies and everyday activities that enhance the child’s ability to speak and communicate.


One-on-One Therapy

We provide direct therapy to children with speech challenges  including language development, comprehension, expression and social skills.

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Erika B. Olmedo, MS, CCC-SLP

Masters degree in Communication Disorders

Speech-Language Pathologist for 19 years

Former clinical supervisor for FIU Graduate Program

Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish

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