Children may be impacted in their ability to process or understand language,  and/or produce language. This may be as a result of a developmental delay, or an underlying syndrome/disorder (e.g. Down Syndrome, Austim, etc).  It may also be as a result of  impairment specific to language only (i.e. Specific Language Impairment).

For communication to be successful, it is necessary for individuals to have adequate understanding of language, as well as the ability to express language to convey ideas.

Experts say that language is a code that is socially shared. This code uses a conventional system of symbols that represent ideas about  world that is meaningful to others who know the same code. This system is quite complex.  It involves semantics (knowing the meaning of words/symbols), morphology (knowing the rules for modifying parts of a word in such a way as to convey different meanings), an understanding of syntax (the rules for combining the words in a particular sentence structure as to convey an idea), and pragmatics (knowing how to socially use language to convey intentions).

Language can be expressed in several ways: speech, writing, and sign.

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