“Erika has been working with my son on and off for about 8 years.

She is an amazing SLP [Speech-Language Pathologist]. Her knowledge of the field is only surpassed by how respectful she is to my son’s needs. She really listens to him (my son is non verbal and she can totally get him) and adapts her practice accordingly.

She does it all in a fun way that entices my son to “play” with her. Her DIR background makes all the difference to us.

Her focus was and always is on him and not her. I will never forget that Erika once advised me to continue with OT and not Speech because that’s what she felt my son needed the most.”


16 year-old son with ASD

“Erika is one of the best things I could have done for my son. She goes above and beyond the speech therapy as she looks at the kids with a wholistic vision and guides us, parents, to resolve any other issues that indirectly could be impacting the speech. She has a very easy going and playful method of working with the kids that make them learn very effectively while having lots of fun. Also now, during quarantine, she was able to engage with my son online and keep the progress going, even though he usually has difficulty concentrating for a more than a few minutes in the same task. My son loves her and is always exited for the therapy day. I have and will always continue to recommend her to everyone.”


4-year-old son, Speech Articulation Disorder

“Erika has been a great partner in helping us develop our son’s speech abilities. Her approach combines a strong technical framework, a structured plan with clear objectives and fun exercises to deliver the methods to the child. Our son has been developing communication abilities steadily and he has a great time in his sessions with Erika.

In addition to her direct interaction with him, she briefs and debriefs the sessions and her observations. Her guidance allowed us to follow much of the same frameworks in day-to-day activities so the child has many more opportunities to expand communication skills.”


2 year, 7 month old son

“Erika has been part of our Team for five years and in that time she has had the strongest relationship with him of any therapist. She has been able to successfully get into his mind and meet him where he is and draw out the best in him. Erika started working with him when he was 4 and we were focused on communication, imaginative play and feeding issues rooted in sensory limitations. I loved how she incorporated all of the pieces together so that even if they were playing with food to work on desensitization, she was working communication and stretching the imagination and descriptive skills and practicing consonant annunciation at the same time. She has always been able to keep my son completely engaged even in oral exercises making it fun to strengthen the muscles of the mouth or practice diction or annunciation and engage in imaginative play without him even realizing it. Erika's training in DIR techniques only further help her to work with kids (especially ASD kids) and engage them in their interests and direct their growth. She's been a wonderful asset to us and a part of our family and most importantly my son trusts her implicitly and never once has resisted her or avoided her time. That is a great testament to her skills!"


9-year-old son with ASD, Feeding Disturbance, Speech Articulation disorder